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QuiltCon-Part V


I entered two quilts to the show and they were both accepted!  I had one in the Modern Traditionalism category and one in the Dear Stella Fabric Challenge category. This was the first show I entered quilts in and my Dear Stella quilt placed 3rd! Yay!


That’s my Dear Stella quilt “A Modern Day Mystery”. Look at that matching ribbon!


That’s my mom and I with my “Project Habitat” quilt.


It was surreal having people talk about and photograph my quilts!


There’s mom with her quilt in the show!


The middle quilt is Mary’s!


And there’s Trisch’s quilt! What a talented group of friends!

 There were so many awesome quilts in the show. Many of them I had seen online, but they were even better in person! Here’s a small taste of the rest of the show.


That’s fellow KCMQG’s Jennifer Dick‘s quilt.


The award winning quilt on the left belongs to Sherri Lynn Wood.


This is from Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen‘s book Quilting Modern, which I highly recommend.


This is Katie Pedersen’s quilt that I’ve admired online many times!


Love the new take on clamshells! Sorry, I didn’t get the name of this quilt’s maker.


LOVE this group quilt!


This gorgeous quilt by Victoria Findlay Wolfe won best in show. Well deserved! The picture doesn’t do it justice!

Here’s a link to all the winners.


QuiltCon-Part IV


The last class I took was a textile printing class with Lotta Jansdotter, who I have loved since her Echo fabric hit stores. First, we cut out a design on a block and printed it on fabric.




IMG_1249   IMG_1250

Next, we cut out a stencil and put the ink on with a brush and sponge. She brought along some of her new fabric line, Glimma, out in April. She asked us to paint on them! Which was painful at first, but I like the way they turned out!



Mary had the brilliant idea of having her sign one of our blocks!


There I am (on the right) with Mary and Lotta. I just love Lotta more than ever after this class, I want to be her friend!

QuiltCon-Part III


The second workshop I took was also with Sherri Lynn Wood. It was called “Get Your Curve On.” After seeing examples of this on her blog, long ago, I knew it was something I wanted to learn. Mom, Trisch, and I took this class together along with many others from the KCMQG. The morning of the class consisted of cutting wedges out of fabric, again without any rulers, and sewing them together. She encouraged us to try different color combinations and to even do a “blind” strip, where we did’t look or think abou the colors we were sewing together. This is hard to do! I’m couldn’t sew two of the same wedges together, so I did a modified form of this. This morning was the easy, relaxing part of the class.

get your curve on 1

get your curve on 2

get your curve on 3   get your curve on 5

There are my wedges on the left and Mom’s on the right. For some reason, I didn’t get pictures of  Trisch’s wedge strips. After lunch came the hard part…sewing the curved wedges together. I haven’t really had much experience sewing curves, which was a huge disadvantage. Needless to say, experience was a key factor to being a success at this technique! Here’s what I ended up with after some frustration and much help from Trisch and Sherri…

get your curve on 4

It still needs some work as soon after I can get the courage to try again!

mom, sherri and I

That’s my mom and I with Sherri. I felt like we needed a picture after spending two full days together! Sherri blogged about this class too, check it out here!

QuiltCon-Part II


The first workshop I took was Modern Block Improv with Sherri Lynn Wood of When we got there we discussed what we could change to make a traditional block modern.


Then Sherri showed us some techniques on cutting without rulers and sewing not-exactly-straight edges together. She is all about improv from cutting, sewing, and assembly. It was really an eye opener.


After her demo, she led us in a self-grounding exercise which was followed by 30 minutes of quiet sewing time. I’m not sure if my traditional block has a name, I just liked it.



That’s my mom and Barbara working diligently. Here is there work. Mom’s is on the left, Barbara’s is on the right.

DSC02160    DSC02161

Sherri blogged about our class, too. There are pictures of us over there, check it out! I really enjoyed the process and can’t wait to make more blocks!