QuiltCon-Part III


The second workshop I took was also with Sherri Lynn Wood. It was called “Get Your Curve On.” After seeing examples of this on her blog, long ago, I knew it was something I wanted to learn. Mom, Trisch, and I took this class together along with many others from the KCMQG. The morning of the class consisted of cutting wedges out of fabric, again without any rulers, and sewing them together. She encouraged us to try different color combinations and to even do a “blind” strip, where we did’t look or think abou the colors we were sewing together. This is hard to do! I’m couldn’t sew two of the same wedges together, so I did a modified form of this. This morning was the easy, relaxing part of the class.

get your curve on 1

get your curve on 2

get your curve on 3   get your curve on 5

There are my wedges on the left and Mom’s on the right. For some reason, I didn’t get pictures of  Trisch’s wedge strips. After lunch came the hard part…sewing the curved wedges together. I haven’t really had much experience sewing curves, which was a huge disadvantage. Needless to say, experience was a key factor to being a success at this technique! Here’s what I ended up with after some frustration and much help from Trisch and Sherri…

get your curve on 4

It still needs some work as soon after I can get the courage to try again!

mom, sherri and I

That’s my mom and I with Sherri. I felt like we needed a picture after spending two full days together! Sherri blogged about this class too, check it out here!


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