QuiltCon-Part II


The first workshop I took was Modern Block Improv with Sherri Lynn Wood of daintytime.net. When we got there we discussed what we could change to make a traditional block modern.


Then Sherri showed us some techniques on cutting without rulers and sewing not-exactly-straight edges together. She is all about improv from cutting, sewing, and assembly. It was really an eye opener.


After her demo, she led us in a self-grounding exercise which was followed by 30 minutes of quiet sewing time. I’m not sure if my traditional block has a name, I just liked it.



That’s my mom and Barbara working diligently. Here is there work. Mom’s is on the left, Barbara’s is on the right.

DSC02160    DSC02161

Sherri blogged about our class, too. There are pictures of us over there, check it out! I really enjoyed the process and can’t wait to make more blocks!


QuiltCon-Part I


QuiltCon 2013 finally arrived! I thought it was even better than the high expectations I had set for it. Austin was a fun city with great restaurants. I took three workshops and attended the show. It was a busy three days! I’m going to post my trip in parts, because it’s too much for one post! We got there Wednesday afternoon and went to check in for our workshops. Much to my surprise, there was a swag bag and participation ribbons waiting for me!

swag bag

swag bag 2

participation ribbons

Thursday morning was my first workshop. Tune in tomorrow for the first workshop post!

Madrona Road Challenge


The February KCMQG meeting was the reveal for our Madrona Road designed by Violet Craft challenge quilts. Michael Miller generously supplied the guild with fabric and we were each given a fat eighth bundle. We could add more Madrona Road fabric or solid fabric. We had to choose a traditional quilt block and make it modern. The traditional block had to be included somewhere on the quilt. I chose the churn dash. I should add we have over a foot of snow here, so here is my quilt in the snow!

Madrona road 1

Madrona road 2

madrona road label


I made the label and framed it with leftover selvages and lovingly named it “Donkey Dash.”

Madrona road and Cali

Here’s Cali helping me take pictures in the snow!



At our last guild meeting our speaker was Susan Silvy, a certified Zentangle teacher. Zentangle is kind of like fancy doodling. Here’s what I made at the meeting:

Zentangle 1

I loved it and the technique so much that I started doing it on Post-it notes at work and on scratch paper while I was watching tv. I even did it on some gift bags for the Mod Squad’s gifts!

Zentangle bags

Then, last weekend we all took a Zentangle workshop! Here’s what I made there:

Zentangle workshop

I’m so glad the guild introduced me to Zentangle. It’s a great new hobby. Check it out here.



I have been obsessed with Marimekko fabric for years. Months ago, Zack and I were at Crate and Barrel and I noticed Marimekko fabric draped from the ceiling. I asked what they did with it when they were done. They send it to the Crate and Barrel Outlets and sell it from there. Since we don’t have an outlet here I kind of dismissed it. Then came Christmas morning when I opened a present from my husband. Inside were 4 different Marimekko prints, 5 yards of each! He had called around to some outlet stores and found it! I was so shocked and surprised he had even remembered that trip to Crate and Barrel and the fabric! Now what to do with the coveted fabric?!

Marimekko 1

Marimekko 2

Christmas quilt


Now that it’s after Christmas, I can show you the quilt I made for my mother-in-law. I made it using a technique that Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company showed us at a guild meeting a few months ago. It was very quick and easy.

Christmas quilt 1

All the fabric is from my mom’s stash! I quilted it on her long arm when we were there for Thanksgiving using a pattern from Angela Walter’s book. I love the way it turned out and she did too!

Christmas quilt 2

Christmas quilt 3

Homemade Christmas


When we were in Arkansas for Thanksgiving, I also whipped up this little project. I quilted it on my machine when I got home. I’m not really sure what it is, though. The project started as a potholder, but was then too big for that purpose. So, it’s going to sit on my kitchen table and look pretty!



I made these lovely stockings last year from Shea Henderson’s pattern. She happens to be the president of the KCMQG and an awesome lady! The pattern is easy to follow and produces beautiful results! I used dupioni silk that I scored on sale at JoAnn and quilted some accents with pearl cotton thread. The silk was a pain to work with but looks great now that I’m done. Well, I guess I’m not completely done. I’ve got two more of a different pattern about half way done. The dogs may have to wait another year…



I saved the best for last. A few of us girls went to Arkansas last weekend and I spotted this beauty in my mom’s sewing room.

Mom's quilt

After LOTS of begging and pleading, my mom agreed to let it come home with me! I love these darling little birds decorating the tree!

Mom's tree 2

Mom's tree 3

Thanks mom!!!

A Modern Mystery


Sorry I’ve been missing from the blog world for a while. It’s been busy! We were in Arkansas the weekend after Thanksgiving and I quilted two quilts on my mom’s longarm! One I submitted to Quiltcon for the Dear Stella challenge. I really was cutting it close on getting it submitted by the deadline. It was a mystery quilt designed by Heather Spence. A few of my friends and I did it and the proceeds went to a great cause. We were supposed to do a clue a week for six weeks, but I ordered my fabric late. Needless to say, it wasn’t so much of a mystery by the time I got started! I decided to forgo the borders on mine. I love the way it turned out!

mystery full

mystery close up

I love the way the fabric in the center makes a pinwheel effect! Fingers crossed that it gets accepted!