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Stitch and Flip


It’s been a little while since I finished this quilt, but I had a hard time finding a place to take a picture of this full size quilt! So, in the backyard it was! I started this in Jacquie Gering‘s stitch and flip triangle class when she visited the KCMQG over a year ago. I had so much fun with the technique and it’s no secret that I love Jacquie! She is a great teacher and an amazing person. I sure do miss having her in KC! I have to give a shout out to my mom who did a fabulous job quilting this quilt! It’s one of my favorites!




The post wouldn’t be complete without a dog picture!





At our last guild meeting our speaker was Susan Silvy, a certified Zentangle teacher. Zentangle is kind of like fancy doodling. Here’s what I made at the meeting:

Zentangle 1

I loved it and the technique so much that I started doing it on Post-it notes at work and on scratch paper while I was watching tv. I even did it on some gift bags for the Mod Squad’s gifts!

Zentangle bags

Then, last weekend we all took a Zentangle workshop! Here’s what I made there:

Zentangle workshop

I’m so glad the guild introduced me to Zentangle. It’s a great new hobby. Check it out here.

Ta da!


On Saturday, I washed out my dye paintings from the workshop. There was a lot of extra dye in them!


Here’s a before and after the excess dye was washed out of my first one. I like it better after it was washed, the lines between the colors seem to be softer.


Here’s my other one washed out. I can’t wait to quilt this one!


My week with Hollis


I had the privilege of meeting and actually hanging out with Hollis Chatelain the past three days. Her quilts are AMAZING! So much time, effort and love art put into making each and every one. My friends at the Blue Valley Quilters Guild invited me to come hear her lecture, The Relationship Between Drawing and Quilting, at the guild meeting and go to lunch with her afterward. She is such an inspiring woman. She has lived all over the world and has some great stories to tell. We even got into a conversation at dinner about the “weird” (which are normal in other countries) foods we have eaten. Later that night, we went to dinner before her lecture, The Emotion of Color, at The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. The next two days consisted of a two day workshop, Painting Images with Dyes. She makes it look so easy! It is much like painting, but requires more planning because you can’t go over the colors to change them. Once the dye is on the fabric, that’s what color it will be. That part was hard for me to overcome. The first day consisted of learning some dye painting techniques, how to set up our station and how to mix print paste mix and the dyes before lunch. Then after lunch we got started on our first piece. I have to admit, it was intimidating at first, but it really got more fun once I got more comfortable with the techniques. I finished my first piece by the end of the first day and took my next piece of fabric home that night to trace my next drawing. The next morning we mixed a few more dyes and were off to start on our second pieces. I did not quite finish my second piece by the end of the day, so I took it home and finished it along with a few extra pieces with my leftover fabric and dye. The pieces have to remain moist for 24 hours, then we can wash the excess dye out and see what they actually look like! Here’s a sneak peek…

On a side note, my second QuiltCon block was on The Modern Quilt Guild blog Wednesday! Yippee!